All applications must be made ONLINE. For latest update please go to

Application Procedure

The priority fields for next year’s scholarships are; Law, Governance, Education and Training, Engineering, Urban Development, International Relations, Medical, ICT, Public Administration, Economic Development, Environmental Studies.

  1. Decide the postgraduate course/subject you wish to study
  2. Decide on your THREE preferred British Universities.
  3. Carefully study the websites of your three preferred Universities
  4. Check that they offer the sort of course you wish to study
  5. Check the Application Closing Dates.
  6. Check the minimum prior qualifications required by each University for the course you wish to study
  7. Note the IELTS Level required
  8. APPLY (preferably online) as soon as possible to your three preferred Universities
  9. At the same time APPLY for a Chevening Scholarship (see Note the closing date for Chevening applications below. Check carefully the Chevening requirements (for example, you must have worked for minimum of 2 years, though that can include internships both paid and unpaid, and voluntary work.)
  10. Send an email to ‘’ to confirm that you have applied for a Chevening Scholarship, and state your chosen Course and the Universities you have applied to. Please also provide your full name, organization you work for, email address, mobile phone number, and a brief CV.


  1. See Timeline information for dates for Chevening applications, etc.  These dates must be strictly followed.
  2. Ignore references to the British Council. There are no British Council Offices in Bhutan
  3. Further information and assistance can be obtained from the British Honorary Consul, Michael Rutland (
  4. Long listing of candidates will be done in London. Short listing of candidates will be done in Bhutan. Interviews will be conducted in Bhutan.
  5. While the basic Chevening IELTS requirement is 6.5, please note individual Universities may set their own higher IELTS requirements for particular courses or in particular departments.
-          Under  the current guidance for the Masters programme, candidates can select the subject and also their preferred university of choice (3 university choices are mandatory) and simultaneously apply for a Chevening Scholarship online. Online applications ( are long-listed by the Chevening Secretariat in the UK. Short listing and interviews will take place in Bhutan. Please note; to be called for the interview, the candidate should  hold unconditional offer letters from the universities. Also at the time of interview, all the 3 choices of the universities should be agreed with the interview  panel and can’t be changed subsequently.  Candidates must complete the relevant application form for their chosen course at their chosen universities. Candidates must also ensure they meet the Chevening English language requirement.

For more details of these scholarships see